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Drive in Minecraft. Carz is a plugin that offers the ability to add drivable cars, car ownership, car upgrades, fuel and uses economy; offering an immersive role-playing experience to any server. Add a whole new level of role-play into your server, by creating streets with drive-through buildings including Car Showrooms, Mechanics and Fuel. Extract the ZIP file to somewhere convenient. Copy the OmsiTimeSyncPlugin.dll and OmsiTimeSyncPlugin.opl files to your OMSI2's plugins directory. Run OMSI2, ideally without Bus Company Simulator initially. Acknowledge initial notice and configure OMSI Time Sync as appropriate. Play OMSI or Bus Company Simulator and continue as usual. What I'm suggesting is that discord should add some quality settings for video calling and screen-sharing as bandwidth can be a problem for people with bad internet or good internet. With so much bandwidth going in between people from up to down, it can cost a lot for people, data or not. So I suggest with image - Quality settings for video.
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